Real Flower 🌻Jewelry Collection

Real flower 🌻 jewelry designs made with 100% real flowers 🌻. They say diamonds are forever, well we say, flowers are forever! Bring a piece of nature to your look. The stunning look 😍and unique designs will definitely stand out and are perfect for casual or formal settings. Makes a unique gift 🎁 sure to impress anyone.  We have necklaces, bracelets and even phone covers made with real flowers.

Checkout the Ibui real flower necklace (our best selling product), a lightweight real daisy flower necklace available in five different colors. Looking for a bracelet, checkout the Maravu real flower bracelet, unbelievably cute leather strap adjustable bracelets available in multiple styles ranging from pink flower to four leaf clover to mini dandelions. The Tunfifil real dandelion necklace is perfect for a formal setting.  Using real twin dandelion seeds preserved in glass and metal with a long gold chain means it is perfect for a night out, at a party, or at the office.Looking for something very sophisticated, then the Crystal cut real glass necklace is for you. The diamond cut glass features loose dried flowers. Is blue your favorite color? Then the Blue Flower necklace is definitely for you, a thin piece of glass and metal gently keeping a blue flower and its leaves preserved in a beautiful pendant.