6 Mistakes to Avoid for your Indoor Spring Garden

Indoor Spring Gardens

We're going to talk about how to get your seeds started indoors and six mistakes to avoid when starting your seeds indoors for your spring garden.
Have some transplants that you grew indoors for about four to six weeks
ready to plant out in the garden it's gonna save you a lot of time and save
you a lot of money so you ready to get started
this is so exciting now if you've never started seeds indoors before you might
be wondering why in the world do I want to start my seeds indoors there's a
couple of different reasons:
First of all it's going to give you a six week jump on your garden. you're going to be growing these beautiful plants inside and that way when the weather is warm enough you're gonna have these lovely transplants to get out in the garden and it's gonna save you a lot of time.
Second reason why you want to start seeds indoors is because it's gonna save
you a ton of money it's really the secret to gardening on the cheap its
quick to do super simple and it's very inexpensive now when you go and buy the
transplants at the garden center they're gonna cost you three or four dollars per
plant when you start from seeds indoors you're gonna be able to grow four
pennies per transplant don't be intimidated at the thought of starting
seeds indoors it's super super easy.

6 Things to Avoid

First huge thing to avoid when you're starting from seeds indoors is don't use your garden soil so don't go out in your garden just dig up a pile of soil and think that that's gonna be okay. for starting your seeds your garden soil it's just too heavy
it's too compacted in these little containers it's not light and fluffy
enough for germinating seeds. I found to use for my seeds it's nice and light and fluffy and this is now available at your local Target store.
We're also avoiding to avoid the second mistake of planting our seeds too deep
lettuce seeds are super super super super small so we're just gonna put them
on the top of the soil and barely press them down here into the pellet and that
will give them a much better chance of germinating. 
Mistake number three in just a minute and that is watering too much. l recommend Golden Jubilee Tomato this is a super super sweet tomato gorgeous and yellow All-America Selections winner so it's going to be very very productive in your garden you're going to absolutely love having this Golden Jubilee tomato in your garden so
The fourth mistake a lot of people make when starting your seeds indoors is about watering now when we first start our seeds we're just gonna lightly spray them and mist them with a spray bottle just to get the seeds kind of settle down in there but
you don't want to over water your seedlings as they grow you want to be
really careful about not soaking them down too much and you want to make sure
you water from the bottom.
The fifth mistake a lot of gardeners make with starting seeds indoors is light not enough overhead light now I know what you're thinking grow these in a sunny windowsill right no oftentimes the sunny windowsill even if it's south-facing doesn't provide enough overhead light for your seedlings.  You want to choose a light bulb that has a lumens between 1,500 and 3,000 because that will provide your seedlings with super bright intense light you want your light bulb to have a Kelvin between 4500 and 6500 because those are the numbers that will mimic daylight.
We're gonna leave our lights on for 16 hours a day and off for 6 hours a day. I love to hook them up to a timer so that it totally takes the guesswork out.
The sixth mistake a lot of gardeners make is they give up too early something happens a few seedlings die you forget to water you get discouraged and you give up don't give up believe me I've killed tons of seedlings in my time and I just want to encourage you guys to keep trying.