Real Flower Necklaces are all the rage

The Go Season has come to an end and the fall and winter doldrums are creeping in; soft drinks, hayrides, "special" afternoon movies and loving your lawn all holiday gifts are history for now. But this Sunday, the grass is going to grow back and windmills will go back in the barn and the body-stocking kids will be back with Mom for Thanksgiving. What can the perfect gift be for the garden-loving adult this season? A real flower necklace from real flower company Real Flower is your answer.
The beautiful real flowers in these two gorgeous necklaces weren't just plucked out of a wild rosebush in Africa; they're grown right in your own backyard. One of the pendant necklaces features a rose heart while the other is a stunning arrangement of lilies of the valley. You can choose between a trio of these necklaces, or buy them separately. The full price for the whole set is $125 while individual pendants are $45. A cactus kit and delicious New York-style bread bites are other items on the table this fall for the gourmand gardener.
Grown in N.Y.C. under the supervision of a serious Martha Stewart With the fall and winter coming up, your garden does more than munch on dandelions and ride the next rains. It prepares for next spring's bloom. A plant-loving gardener may see this time of year as a perfect time to prepare for next year with a ready-to-plant plant kit like Gardener's Bakery's Double-Venture Roses. The company, which is based in The Bronx, specializes in New York-style bread bites -- pot filled with ground-up pizza and, to make them last, wholesome homemade chicken and dumplings soup. But, they've always sold plant kits in seasons past. This new season, which launched this month, continues to offer organic summer and autumn greens. The twin bag of 18 packets for $25 can give a gardener a little taste of spring, summer or fall.
Nature Preserve Farms There are vegetables, and then there are the edible vegetables that bring the taste of the produce world home. Some may find it odd that real fruits and vegetables come from the land, but things like mandarins, grapes and grapesauce all have a lot to learn from tasting these often gorgeous fruits that are simply grown in the wild. Out-of-season products are already available from Nature Preserve Farms, who sells everything from the organic sweet potato to beets and apples. But, if you don't see any of their other vegetables or fruits available yet, they have a fall product line to get in on. Get a crisp, light-tasting meal in your belly for one with the Fresh Root Vegetable & Apple Chutney. This tomato-filled chutney is just one of the traditional recipes available for purchase, along with a variety of vegetable dishes. A few varieties of seasonal vegetables you can pick up for sale from this company include sweet potatoes, sour pickles, and cranberries.
The produce is perfectly seasonable right through the end of November. Til’ Death, fresh herbs You know those crunchy-snarky, ironic Christmas cookbooks that make you chuckle with a taste of nostalgia? They’re just that. And with spring just around the corner, you might want to add a little more flavor to your cooking this season with fresh herbs. One of the surest bets is to pick up the Soup Ragetti Salad. Produced with Clementine peppers and red onions, this dish is packed with both flavor and texture.
The chilled veggie salad arrives with perch from Lake Wales and a choice of dressing: mango citrus and pickled ginger, or maple cinnamon and honey. Even something like the sweet parsley leaf tortilla is bound to be more than the sum of its parts. The current season menu item features a wildflower saffron pesto with parsley leaves, panko crispy rice and a deep Thai orange curry sauce. Bring on the fall, cook up some great fresh food and enjoy your season as it passes.
Dana Wilde is a Santa Fe-based freelance writer.