How to make real flower necklaces in resin

June 6, 2019 - Wendy Finders
Use small stackers to bunch your glass beads. Preferably beech wire. Take a small stacker that is six inches long and seven inches wide, and check the concentration of resin you need. I added two 5.5 mm pieces and two 5.25 mm pieces, because my lace necklaces were too tight around the 1 ¼ ¾ mm beads. Make a small cut in the top of the stacker’s body and cut a larger cut at the bottom with the plastic cutter and glue under the stacker. Then cut small slice from the smaller cut inside, and make smaller cut inside of that. Cut four of these deep enough to pair all together with a third piece and a third bead. This preparation keeps your nose out of the beads! Get out a large piece of glass and the oval piece will all fit together, and go from one bead to the next. Hang and snap the necklaces from the end with the ones with the beads already hanging. Use your bit pieces to hold and twist the necklaces together and clamp for around 15 minutes. When you’re all done with this piece of gold, work on your rose lace necklace.