Flowers from the Arctic

As Montreal's summer winds down, Montréal Aquarium is getting ready to open its doors again, setting the stage for a splashy celebration of the city's love of nature.
The aquarium, located on the eastern edge of Montreal, is one of the country's largest -- with more than 3 million animals on display. Throughout the summer, many Montrealers visited the museum for a day of swimming and exploring its bubbling pools and glowing aquariums.
Harold Etherington, director of the Aquarium, says that even though winter has arrived, the average spring visit to the aquarium is still over 20,000. Montreal Aquarium is opening its doors for an early fall party. Credit: Montréal Aquarium "In Montreal, we have an incredible number of nature lovers," says Etherington. "And we want to celebrate our nature by putting some of the best aquatic displays we have in the aquarium, underwater and also by putting displays out into nature, literally."
Originally built in 1933, the Aquarium is believed to be the oldest continually operating public aquarium in Canada. And during this "vibrant season" , it is celebrating its 83-year anniversary by inviting members and the public to a themed party.
The "Blooming Bubble Show" will feature plants and animals grown in the oceans and wilds of the Arctic -- plants including "Anantara" (sea star buttercup), the fire green "green bearded fruit catfish" and the "bony birch" plant, "which is a rare plant of the high Arctic and where I have grown some of my own, specifically for the museum exhibit," says Etherington.
Artists from the Arctic will also be on-site to create artwork inspired by the exhibit for an exhibit. But as the show continues, the area will host events featuring swimming classes with the Australian Cetacean Research Program, lectures, and food. "Montreal has a huge community of people who love nature. This is kind of our tribute and very touching a tribute to them," says Etherington.